Michal Hurych Photography

Original mounted design photos for your interior:


Photos by Michal Hurych presented in a abstract landscape gallery can be purchased as an original creative mounted photos. The uniqueness of the work is secured by a limited number up to 50 pieces. These are thematic numbered originals, signed by the author and with certificate of authenticity.

The works are mounted on special aluminum plate with the rear spacer frame, “floating” 2.5 -3cm away from the wall. This mounting creates interesting optical effect and is predestined for use and installation especially in modern functionalistic interiors. It is possible to choose clasical Al Nielsen profile frames and mounting for those preferring more classic design.

It is possible for corporate clients with larger quantities to secure a complete supply of mounted photos and their application on location (eg, hotel, office building apd ). The whole project implementation process can be completely customized – you can choose other design and dimensions and design work can be made completely individualy suited. In this respect we have experience in supply of more than 750 pieces of mounted interior photos for major brand hotel chain with their further implementation. Providing adequate safeguards are commonplace.